Services: Bespoke Systems

Custom relational databases ranging from small business tracking tools to full CRM and MIS packages.

We specialise in FileMaker Pro and other RAD tools.

Bespoke MIS Screenshot
We can computerise any part of your existing business, from small business tracking such as client, contact and enquiry systems with quote, ordering and invoicing, through to full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Management Information Systems (MIS). Clients running our software range from small businesses through to government departments – our software can revolutionise businesses, offering excellent Return on Investment (ROI) and can also open up new, or improve existing, revenue streams.

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Why bespoke? To achieve a piece of software tailor made to your company, staff and users, which adapts to your specific needs, covering your demanding requirements – all packaged in an intuitive, user friendly interface. In comparison, an off-the-shelf software product will fulfil only approximately 70% of your requirements and will also entail extensive customisation and training. J9 Solutions bespoke software is written from the ground up and is based on full business analysis translating into a solution which will meet demanding requirements.

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When commissioning J9 Solutions to develop a bespoke system, we will first gain a thorough understanding of your business, information flows and processes – via detailed business analysis – before specifying and prototyping a solution to fulfil your specific requirements. We believe development should be a dynamic process, and as the implementation is underway, we can adapt fluidly to changing requirements. Most importantly, our bespoke software product can constantly expand and change to meet the needs and requirements as your business grows, something that is impossible to achieve with a fixed off-the-shelf product.