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  Portfolio – recent bespoke projects


The Primary Personal Development Planner (PPDP) is a powerful and user friendly planning tool combined with the renowned Cambridgeshire PSHE Programme – guiding teachers through advanced PSHE curriculum delivery with detailed reporting, assessment and analysis tools. By 2016-7, over 630 LA primary schools in England (plus academies in Asia) were successfully using the package and seeing enormous benefits. In addition, many prestigious independents purchased the software, including: Brentwood Pre-Prep, King’s Cambridge, King’s Ely, Perse, St Faith’s, St George’s and St John’s.

This project was completely designed and managed by J9 Solutions, including the software (from initial ideas onwards), interface, implementation, project management and packaging.

We have received glowing feedback for the PPDP from countless schools and also from Ofsted at a recent education conference at Cambridge University.

Beposke Booking System - Data Entry Screen

Here is an example of our clean interface design used within many of our bespoke systems.

This screenshot shows a planning form, with its custom toolbars and data entry screens, logical sections are tabbed to make data entry (and searching) clear to the user, tooltips guide unfamiliar users and input fields have full validation checks.

From every section of our bespoke systems, users can move freely between form and list views, perform searches, print reports and many other functions.

TBI Bespoke Website

A bespoke e-commerce website complete with booking system and credit card payments. The design is fully responsive – automatically adjusting to desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers.

For this project – and many others like it – we also wrote the content based on client requirements; created the design to match corporate colours; handled domain transfer and hosting; and set-up controls for social media and SEO.

We expanded this project for the client in 2021 helping expand their business to nationwide coverage.

The Art Collection

A landmark product bringing the Cambridgeshire Art Collection to life. This extensive product captured the 450 paintings and sculptures in the County's Art Collection and presented them as a learning resource to schools and colleges.

This extensive project took four years to develop, each artwork item was painstakingly photographed and colour matched to give the most accurate representation. Photographs of local scenes today compare side by side with related artwork, bringing the collection alive.

J9 Solutions created every part of this project from the initial concept through to: software development, design, photography, CD pressing and launch presentation. This joint project with Cambs County Council (which owns the physical artwork) was launched in 2003, it received much praise from education establishments and the media, including the BBC.

Bespoke Management Info System

This is large multi-site, multi-user bespoke Management Information System (MIS) running the entire business of a large public department. Functions cover: staff, consultants, customer relationship management (CRM); bookings, orders, purchases, invoicing, reconciliation, through to management reporting.

This system also creates pre-press flyers and pages for automatic production of complex booklets covering hundreds of courses. Financial data is output via journal bank transactions saving weeks of data entry.

This bespoke client/server MIS has run over three geographic sites, handling many thousands of transactions with a dataset running into the millions.

Sales Tracking System

This is an example of an Excel based bespoke system.

It links to live raw sales data stored within a business, creating charts and reports with clearly displayed trends, enabling the client to target their marketing.


CentreTrack – our definitive bookings system for conference centres, used both in the private and public sectors. A modular package providing full tracking and reporting for busy centres, stately homes and corporate suites.

Utilising J9 Solutions user friendly interface makes the system very easy to use. Menus and toolbars make light work of program control with features organised logically using familiar icons throughout.

Extra modules can be added at any stage to provide further functionality when required. In addition, bespoke development can tailor existing modules, or even create new ones to evolve with the client's business.

The client module looks after all client contact, providing a central customer relationship management (CRM) portal, whilst the bookings module handled the main event booking business.

The invoicing module can automatically invoice many thousands of bookings in a few seconds, generating printed invoices and upload/journal files for corporate finance packages and direct debits.

Bookings Interface

This screenshot shows detail of the bookings entry system in CentreTrack, and many of our other bespoke bookings systems.

A clean interface which is field and menu driven, with consistent icons and layout to guide the user through processes.

From this form users can enter and cancel bookings, print and preview forms to be sent (or e-mail), and jump to any other functions within the entire system using the menu and toolbar at the top.

It also has pop-ups for equipment required and customer feedback to track satisfaction. Different user levels enable staff, finance officers and managers to access restricted areas.

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